Tahani Manaquib

Tahani spent her early days in Kuwait creating paintings and sketches from her own endless imagination. She graduated in Fashion Design & Styling from the coveted University of Arts, London. She started her career with the fashion maestros Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla to earn a deeper understanding of fashion business. In no time, she was roped in to work with Kalki Fashion where she was able to showcase her talent that received a lot of appreciation and response. And soon, a new chapter was unveiled.

Tamaraa By Tahani Was Born

This brainchild of Tahani was launched in early 2019. Tamaraa is Tahani’s family name and her family often played the role of a muse to her artistry. The brand name is thus a testament to her pillars of life. Tamaraa by Tahani was created to bring in a change in the contemporary world of fashion. The brand is known for its right mix of modern silhouettes with Indian craftsmanship. Today, Tamaraa by Tahani is a home to many craftsmen who are supremely talented and the brand has been able to use traditional techniques to resonate with our modern world. Tamaraa by Tahani offers timeless couture pieces and playful pret collections that can redesign your fashion game.

Creating A Legacy

Tamaraa by Tahani is synonymous with vibrant hand-made embroidery entwined with threads and floral shapes that together stands out as a colony in its most natural form. They are created with inspiration from all over the globe. An avid traveler herself, Tahani finds geometric patterns and abstract elements to be amusing. These picturesque details are often translated into her own designs.

Brand Philosophy

We envision stories that are filled with multitude of scintillating elements in nature and render them into a piece of craft to befit the modern world. With the expertise of skilled craftsmen and the unparalleled vision of the brand, Tamaraa by Tahani aspires to share a series of versatile anecdotes that will be perennial in the times to come.

At Tamaraa by Tahani, our constant focus is to celebrate the women around us and create a delightful experience for them. We also hope to uplift the lives of our artisans, our real-time heroes who helps us to transform our vivid images into real world ensembles.

Seam To Reality

Deriving its inspiration from the beauty of nature, the designer luxury brand store is a culmination of natural abstract elements and geometric kaleidoscope.  Tamaraa by Tahani is a predominant occasion-wear choice for contemporary luxury shoppers around the globe.  It strikes a cord between Indian and contemporary wear with a mix of silhouettes and colors and gives a luxurious experience in this whole process of creating timeless couture pieces.